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At Home With The Gopher Tortoise

RRP $19.95

At Home with the Gopher Tortoise: The Story of a Keystone Species teaches young readers about the gopher tortoise and the more than 360 different kinds of animals that depend on it for survival. From owls to rabbits, from skunks to scorpions, the gopher tortoise provides creatures with shelter, food, or a place to raise their young. In this fascinating tale of ecological interdependency, glorious illustrations reveal the gopher tortoise's world both below and above ground, showing children how the fate of one species is important to so many others.

Letters On An Elk Hunt By A Woman Homesteader

RRP $29.99

ELINORE PRUITT STEWART (1876-1933) caused a literary sensation in 1914 when her Letters of a Woman Homesteader was published. A self-educated pioneer in southwest Wyoming, she wrote letters to keep her mind busy amidst the hard physical labor of carving a home out of wilderness, and to keep her friendships fresh in that remote place In this followup of the next year, Stewart's missives are short stories in themselves, letters written about events in the summer and fall of 1914 and intended for later publication, as those of her first collection were not. The joy of Stewart's writing is in the perceptive eye she turns on her neighbors and their fortunes and misfortunes: scraping up money to buy a coffin and tombstone for a beloved mother, digging wells for thirsty horses, making bonnets and kitchen curtainHIS036041s to beautify a harsh environment, rekindling a romance between a couple long estranged, and more. A classic of pioneer life, this delightful book continues to enthrall readers today, nearly a century as it was written.

Politics, Planning And Homes In A World City

RRP $332.99

This is an insightful study of spatial planning and housing strategy in London, focusing on the period 2000 - 2008 and the Mayoralty of Ken Livingstone. Duncan Bowie presents a detailed analysis of the development of Livingstonea (TM)s policies and their consequences.

Examining the theory and practice of spatial planning at a metropolitan level, Bowie examines the relationships between:

  • planning, the residential development market and affordable housing
  • environmental, economic and equity objectives
  • national, regional and local planning agencies and their policies.

It places Livingstonea (TM)s Mayoralty within its historical context and looks forward to the different challenges faced by Livingstonea (TM)s successors in a radically changed political and economic climate.

Clear and engaging, this critical analysis provides a valuable resource for academics and their students as well as planning, housing and development professionals. It is essential reading for anyone interested in politics and social change in a leading a world citya (TM) and provides a base for parallel studies of other major metropolitan regions.

Words Upon A Tombstone

RRP $18.99

A collection of short stories highlighting the author's youth growing up in North Wales. Other collected items include a series of strange paranormal stories and stories involving Rock Castle, an 18th century house in Middle Tennessee.

Go Home - Replace Yourself!

RRP $16.99

If you are the day-to-day 'go to' person or the only one who can make decisions for your business, it's time to set yourself free and go home. In working with successful companies, I've learned you can't run a business on your own. You need people who are good at performing day-to-day operations, embrace your values and make great decisions even when you're not around. This book introduces you to a streamlined approach in the steps used to successfully train thousands of managers. These concepts are easy to grasp for owners, leaders, coaches and mentors. You will discover secrets to: Creating values and guidelines to revitalize your business. Setting priorities and communicating what matters most. Hiring and training the right people to build your team. Exact steps in coaching for success, so your employees can teach others. How to provide effective feedback to redirect and reward employees. If you are looking to 'Go Home' with confidence and peace of mind, these steps will improve your staff's morale, their effectiveness, and overall excellence while running your business.


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