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Windows Of A Woman

RRP $29.99

A Fingertip Resource Tool for Women Windows of a Woman is a poignant, powerful, and productive book for women who want to balance the weight of family, faith, and career. Windows of a Woman takles difficult issues that women face with simple and sound solutions. The book declares that the day and the myth of the Superwoman are over. Women can't bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan, change little Johnnie's diaper, volunteer for the PTA, make the project deadline, maintain a cover girl's image, keep an immaculate home, and never let their husbands forget they are men. As women, we need to learn that we can't do it all, have it all, and expect there to be no problems regardless of what the song says. I'm going to share with you what I wish someone would have shared with me. You control your own life, or it will control you. There is a reason why women lead in heart disease, suffer with hypertension, fight against obesity, and struggle with depression. It is because many women fail get the proper amount of rest, renewal and refreshing in life. Balancing the responsibilities of marriage, motherhood, career and faith are challenging. Let go of the world's expectations of who you are suppose to be and embrace realistic and godly goals to achieve balance in your life.

A House Without Windows

RRP $18.99

Newly-pregnant Dr Beth Nichols is happily engaged to Liam Darrah, a fellow doctor. She has no idea she is being stalked by ex-patient Edwin Evans as she makes her way home one evening after a late shift at the hospital. After being anaesthetised she wakes up in Edwin's basement, held against her will, and eventually gives birth there without medical help. However, Beth tries to stay positive, and somehow knows that Liam will still be out there searching for her. Every night she looks up at the light bulb that is never switched off, and prays that one day they will be together again. This Romance/Suspense story is written from different perspectives; from Beth's 9 year old daughter Amy, born in captivity, from Beth herself, unwillingly pregnant again years later with Edwin's baby, from Liam and Edwin, and 16 years later from Joss, Beth and Edwin's son.

A Window In Thrums

RRP $39.99

A Window in Thrums -- a fictional sketch of Scottish life - is one of several novels about the fictional village of Thrums, said to be modeled on Barrie's home town of Kirriemuir.

A Diy Guide For The Poor Middle Class Home Owner

RRP $12.99

This book is a look into the DIY part of my life, and so also doubles as an encyclopaedia of useful and not so useful things that will help every son of future generations to survive the credit crunch, the collapse of the banking system, the darkness of difficult times ahead, the .... Indeed, it is a reference book for all those who, like my dad was, are or are going to be poor middle class owners of homes. It shares a lifetime of experiences (mine and my dad's) with you and leaves you in no doubt as to how one should tackle life's little burdens, or how to avoid them in the first place. In the interests of being politically correct, the book may be bought and given as gifts by moms who have reason to believe that their daughters have an inclination towards DIY sort of things.

Windows On A Hidden World

RRP $56.99

As a priest, married to a vicar, with four school-age children, Jane Maycock is all too familiar with the struggle not to be engulfed by busyness in the run-up to Christmas. As a result, the reflections she has written for this lovely book are engagingly infused with real-life happenings, even as they invite us to stop and consider what Advent really means. The author draws on the insights of the biblical authors, poets such as Robert Southwell, and contemporary hymn writers including Timothy Dudley-Smith, to present a series of windows through which we can explore the main ideas surrounding the season. We are taken through the themes of wilderness and of God's choice, and examine the place of conflict and confrontation in Christian faith. We look more deeply at the familiar nativity scene, and at the idea of the second coming. Underpinning Windows on a Hidden World is the conviction that we are bound up in an intimate relationship with a God of love. And as we take a little time out - from 1 to 25 December - to explore the Advent landscape in these daily readings, we will find much encouragement to respond to the wonder of God's tender nearness with hope and joy.


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