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Easy Windows Xp Troubleshooting

RRP $23.99

Helps you to overcome any problems encountered in installing, upgrading and using the latest version of the Microsoft operating System Windows XP. Applicable to both the Professional and home editions. An invaluable tool and reference for all Windows XP users, as you never know when a problem could occur. Much frustration, expense and wasting time may be saved by not having to reply on Help lines or service desks.

Window Box Gardening - A Practical Introduction

RRP $18.99

This guide book vividly introduces the budding gardener to the joyous hobby of window box gardening.

Window Box Gardening - A Practical Introduction is intended for those living in cities without much - or any - gardening space. This well-written, passionate guide introduces the plants of winter, spring and summer perfect for your first forays into window gardening. In this way, aspiring horticulturalists can assemble a full, cohesive itinerary to keep their planters and plant pots blooming through the year.

Instruction is likewise given upon the subject of miniature window greenhouses, with guidance offered as to construction of a small one for the home. Designed to keep plants blooming and alive through the cold winter months of temperate climates, the simplicity of the concept

The creative, practical techniques demonstrated are also perfect for those wishing to attain a foundation to move on to cultivation of herbs in planters. While most of the plants detailed in abundance within this book are common mainstays of the everyday, beginner window gardener, it is noted that there are infact thousands of plants adaptable to the conditions of the windowsill, sun and ventilation (and perhaps landlord) permitting.

Finally, the book examines the practice of constructing sea gardens in aquariums. Citing the availability of both DIY aquarium kits as well as commercial models, the author draws a parallel between the tranquil home for fish and the splendid display of colour bursting from a finely tended window garden. In contrast yet compliment, this guide proposes that their similarities as two forms of indoor gardening needn't have too large a line drawn between.

Written by longtime gardening enthusiast Tiffany Grant, this book brings the personal experience of the author living in a first floor apartment to the page. The ability to imprint a part of herself to the page, and thereby confer learning and overall profit to the reader, is not to be doubted. At this conclusion of this primer, the reader is intended to feel inspired, motivated and confident to commence window gardening.

A Window In Thrums

RRP $39.99

A Window in Thrums -- a fictional sketch of Scottish life - is one of several novels about the fictional village of Thrums, said to be modeled on Barrie's home town of Kirriemuir.

Cicero Farm's Hometown Livonia

RRP $35.00

Fact-Filled Pages of Family Adventure!
Cicero Farm's Hometown Livonia combines the love of farming and real life experiences into an endearing story that is rich in local history but also depicts the changes that have taken place in similar towns all across our nation. This second book shows the sharp contrast of economic and social evolution that forever changed farm life and small communities that were described in the author's first book, Out Behind the Barn on Cicero Farm.
"Hometown flavor makes this book an enjoyable read for anyone wishing to reminiscence about days gone by and at the same time drives home the importance of preserving the quality of life we still experience in our agricultural communities"
Cynthia Oswald, President
Livingston County Chamber of Commerce

A Window In Thrums

RRP $16.99

On the bump of green round which the brae twists, at the top of the brae, and within cry of T'nowhead Farm, still stands a one-storey house, whose whitewashed walls, streaked with the discoloration that rain leaves, look yellow when the snow comes. In the old days the stiff ascent left Thrums behind, and where is now the making of a suburb was only a poor row of dwellings and a manse, with Hendry's cot to watch the brae. The house stood bare, without a shrub, in a garden whose paling did not go all the way round, the potato pit being only kept out of the road, that here sets off southward, by a broken dyke of stones and earth. On each side of the slate-coloured door was a window of knotted glass. Ropes were flung over the thatch to keep the roof on in wind. Into this humble abode I would take any one who cares to accompany me. But you must not come in a contemptuous mood, thinking that the poor are but a stage removed from beasts of burden, as some cruel writers of these days say; nor will I have you turn over with your foot the shabby horse-hair chairs that Leeby kept so speckless, and Hendry weaved for years to buy, and Jess so loved to look upon.


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